Deyjah Harris’ Fans Are In Love With Her Hair And Overall Look

T.I.’s daughter, Deyjah Harris, shared a short clip on her social media account that had her fans and followers praising her. Check out the post she shared on IG below.

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😘 dress set: @fashionnova fashionnovapartner

A post shared by Deyjah Harris🤎💫🪐 (@princess_of_da_south) on

More fans praised Deyjah’s look and her Fashion Nova dress, asking the exact name of the piece of clothing so that they could check it out on the official website.

A fan posted this message: ‘Wow Deyjah, you look so beautiful boo princess_of_da_south 😘,’ and someone else said: ‘You’re so beautiful not only on the outside but you’re beautiful sweet spirit shines through in the purest form.. don’t let anyone stop that shine and bling in your eyes 😍 @princess_of_da_south.’


In other recent news, T.I.’s daughter, Deyjah Harris, has some important messages for her fans about guilt. Check out her recent post that managed to impress her followers.

‘one last thing: don’t feel guilty for not allowing someone else’s mistakes to turn you into the outcome of their insecurity. The effects of their mistakes shouldn’t be your baggage to unpack. Always love and choose yourself.✨NOT MY POST✨post by @wetheurban,’ Deyjah captioned her post.

America’s Most Fascinating Ghost Towns

Spooky towns in the States
There are abandoned communities all over America that have spine-chilling histories. From long-forgotten Wild West mining towns and former resorts to road trip pit stops and railroad hubs, these seriously spooky towns are sure to give you the heebie-jeebies.

Gleeson, Arizona
The mines closed in the 1930s and the town was abandoned as the post office closed in 1939. Although several families still live here, the only commercial site is a rattlesnake products store. Visitors can usually wander around the ruins of a hospital, a saloon and a jail that’s been renovated to house a museum.

Glenrio, New Mexico and Texas
Between the 1940s and the 1960s, the busy Route 66 sent thousands of travelers through the town of Glenrio. Built on the border between New Mexico and Texas, the town offered motorists a road stop with gas stations, diners, bars, motels and even a dance hall. However, when the I-40 was built in the 1970s, the travelers bypassed the former desert oasis.

Ashcroft, Colorado
Upon discovering silver in 1880, two prospectors eager to make a quick buck created a Miner’s Protective Association, and within five years, Ashcroft boasted 20 saloons and more than 3,500 residents. But like most mining towns, the silver ran out quickly and by the end of 1885 only 100 residents remained.

Understanding and importance of intellectual property

Understanding and importance of industrial property is understood in the broadest sense. It refers not only to industry and trade in the full understanding of the word but also to the branches of the agricultural and extractive industries and all manufactured or natural products such as veins, cereals. Tobacco leaves, trees, livestock, minerals, mineral waters, beer, flowers, flour. .I chose Article 2 (3) of the Paris Convention, as we know: Industrial Property is a separate part of Intellectual Property.
Recall that Intellectual Property is divided into
a) Copyright
b) Industrial Property.

All countries characterized by the renewal of their industries have such laws regulating the copying of inventions and identifying creative symbols and expressions, encouraging innovation.
Intellectual property has many features in common with movable and immovable property. Common is property so that the intellectual property can be purchased, sold, licensed, or donated like any property. Intellectual Property values give its owner the right to prevent the unauthorized use, sale, or exploitation by the owner. The critical difference of intellectual property from other forms of ownership is that physical parameters cannot identify the intellectual property.

Author Rights

Copyright’s birth is closely linked to the advent of printing technology as a new method of writing and copying, which first appeared in England. Before the press began to be used, copying someone else’s work or work had to be invested a lot of time and effort, so there was no reason to worry too much about illegal copying, or as it was later called, piracy, as unauthorized copying and duplication was a rare exception.

Copyright and intellectual property rights

Introduction: The term “Copyright” means that part of a country’s legislation protects a particular work by guaranteeing its author several exclusive rights and preventing others from using this work for some time. After the expiration of this period, the work passes into the public’s possession, who can freely use the job without the need to obtain the author’s permission to perform these actions, which are included in his economic rights. Thus, Copyright, on the one hand, serves as a crowning achievement for the author’s toil and sweat, and on the other hand, encourages him to create more and to supply the public with as many new works as possible.

But what good does an author get by guaranteeing these exclusive rights?

It has economic and moral benefits. He derives a financial benefit from the sale or licensing of his rights. The honest service is expressed by increasing its reputation and the right name in the market. Copyright has been protected by most of the world’s legislation. However, the protection given to this right is not the same everywhere.

Thus, Copyright in the US differs from Copyright in Europe. In the US, Copyright is referred to as Copyright, the right to make copies of the work, while in Europe, it is called “Copyright.” Therefore, to be more precise, when I refer to American law, I will use the term “Copyright” while for European law, I will use the word “Copyright.”

Copyright reflects precisely the orientation of the United States in the treatment and protection of this right. American law emphasizes the economic role of Copyright. Traditionally in the US, Copyright has been seen as a right that aims to promote the development of art, while copyright protection has been seen to achieve this goal but not the goal itself.

7 DIY Children’s Halloween Costumes Inspired By Family-Friendly

1. Harry Potter

Look at those little shoes! I absolutely cannot handle it. While you don’t even have to get this creative to put together your own Harry Potter ensemble, it’s not too hard to pull off.

2. Mario


I know that Mario is a video game, but if you were around in 1993 then you probably also recall the absolute masterpiece that is John Leguizamo’s Super Mario Bros: The Movie.

3. Winifred Sanderson

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“Oh, look! Another glorious morning. Makes. Me. Sick!” 🧹 . We had some amazing little outfits planned for our trip to @disneylandparis and frankly it seems a shame to waste them! So we’re bringing Disney home over the next few weeks to hopefully distract her from missing out. . Ita loved taking this photo so much that it actually took ages to get one of her NOT smiling 😂 What do you think? #WinnifredSanderson #HocusPocus . . . . . . . . . #salem #disneyhalloween #halloween #spookyseason #bettemidler #diycostume #cosplay #halloweenideas #thingstodoathome #sandersonsisters #londoninfluencer #thatsdarling #ivfsuccess #london #swuk #let_there_be_delight #homehinchhome #LondonMums #thismorning #familyblogger #parentingblogger

A post shared by Andrea • The Garcia Family • (@andrea.ita.garcia) on

I get that Hocus Pocus might not be family-friendly if you just have very young children in your family (and I speak as a mom who showed the movie to her kid way too early), but this costume? This costume is everything.

4. Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

This is another sibling costume idea that is super cute, and also really easy to put together yourself. For starters, your kids can definitely wear clothing that they already have, since you only need to key features for the costume to become clear: a red cape and a wolf hat.

5. Captain America

This costume is actually the result of a lot of ingenuity! When the original Captain America costume that the family ordered didn’t arrive, they decided to make their own — and it looks amazing!

6. Kermit

Here’s another Muppets-themed costume because hello: how cute is this baby?! I also love how easy this costume would be to put together.

7. Arthur

I saved this one for last because it’s basically the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. It would also be really easy for just about anyone to replicate — even adults!

Model With Down Syndrome Becomes The Face of ‘Surf Style’ Stores

We do come across people in our life who provide a kind of inspiration to us that in spite of many setbacks the inevitable can be achieved if there is determination and the will to do so.

But if you are bent upon doing something then there is no set back that can keep you away from achieving your goal and that is ultimate.

Yes, we are talking about a boy with Down Syndrome. He was very disturbed due to his physical appearance and was a very gloomy child and also a very depressed one. But he never gave up his dream that was to become a model one day.
He found out that apart from his set back, he was a smart handsome looking hunk. And finally one day the owner of a sports store set his eyes on the boy. He at once could make out that the boy can become the face of his store that was by the name of ‘Surf Style’.
He is a very proud boy and has done proud to his family. This is the story of a boy who was suffering with Down Syndrome and then turned out to be a model for a distinguished store.

8-Year-Old Boy Raises Over $50,000 For Homeless Veterans

Tyler Stallings, only 8, has written a book, won a charitable grant, and earned thousands of dollars to support homeless veterans.

He came up with the idea of making Hero Bags together with his mom Andrea, a bag packed with essential items such as cosmetics and grooming equipment and was able to purchase 2,000 of these packages to give out.

I initially wanted to help build homes for veterans after talking to my mom but together we agreed on a more realistic goal, he said on his GoFundMe page that has collected more than $47,000 to help the homeless.

Tyler’s charitable service has won him a “Small Big takes” Humanitarian Award from Steve Harvey, the founder of the NBC television show. On World Homeless Day, Tyler collaborated with a mattress firm to provide 250 mattresses for veterans in a homeless shelter.

Tyler says in more ways than one the Hero Bags are important. Helping these people is very necessary, not just to make them happy[ but] to make them feel like,’ People care for me,” said Tyler, according to The Epoch Times.

According to the Epoch Times, “Good Morning America” contributed $25,000 to Tyler and his family, in accordance with Pepsi’s Pay It Forward initiative, which they expect will be used for shelters.

This 25-Minute Mamma Mia! HIIT Workout Is an Absolute Party – Video

Thankfully, fitness YouTuber Emily Thorne (aka emkfit) has created a dance-party routine that fulfills my HIIT dreams and more.

She released a video earlier this month that’s set to the greatest hits from the ABBA-inspired musical — including “Dancing Queen,” of course.

The 25-minute high-intensity workout starts out with a warmup to “Lay All Your Love on Me” and transitions into tracks like “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” and “Take a Chance on Me.”


She incorporates plenty of lower-body movements, like squats and lunges, and pairs them with arm exercises that are equal parts fun and exhausting.

Check out the energizing workout above, and let it motivate you into moving and grooving until the third Mamma Mia! movie hits theaters.


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Study Abroad with The University of Kansas

Located in Lawrence, which is known as the geographical heart of the US, the University of Kansas was voted in top 250 best universities in the world, based on criteria on training quality, employment rate of graduates, quality of lecturers, number of publications, coverage level, citation ratio, and number of invention certificate (Center for World University Rankings, 2018-2019). Students of KU will not only have great experiences of world-class education equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, but also immerse themselves in a most unique architecture structure in the US. With ranges of ancient red-roofted buildings following “Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry” style, KU’s campus has long been a popular travelling site in Lawrence and becoming the pride of many Jayhawk generations.


  • Petroleum Engineering (#11)
  • Architecture (TOP 10)
  • Accounting (#17)
  • Education (TOP 20)
  • Pharmacy (#21)
  • Aerospace/Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering (#48)
  • Civil Engineering (#55)
  • Mathematics (#66)
  • Chemical Engineering (#72)
  • Chemistry (#73)
  • Mechanical Engineering (#75)

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Rosanna Arkle Will Give You A Huge Shock!!

Rosanna Arkle was born on 30-09-1988 in Whangarei in the state of Northland, New Zealand. She is a New Zealand Model and social media celebrity. She’s well known for her appearance on a major reality TV show, and has attracted millions of followers on social media.

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Top 5 Hottest Men In 2020

The entertainment industry is full of handsome men from around the world. But who are the top 10  hottest men with dashing personality? Here are the top 10 Most Handsome Men In The World.

#1. Tom Cruise

He is 56 and still one of the hottest men. Women from around the world are crazy about his charming look and dashing personality.

Age:- 56 years
Date of Birth: 3 July 1962
Country:- United States.
Net Worth:- $570 million dollars.

#2. Chris Evans

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Big smiles!

A post shared by Chris Evans (@chrisevans) on

Captain America is sure not the strongest avenger but here in the real world, the actor is one of the handsome men.

Age- 37 years
Date of Birth: 13 June 1981
Country:- United States.
Net Worth:- $50 Million.

#3. Hrithik Roshan

He is the son of Indian producer Rakesh Roshan. The very first movie ‘Kaho Na Pyar Hai’ was the big hit and boosted his career in Bollywood.

Age- 45 years
Date of Birth: 10 January 1974
Country:- India.
Net Worth:- $100 Million.

#4. Robert Pattinson

Know as the Twilight sensation he sure makes women crazy for him.

He started his film career by playing Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in 2005.
Age- 32 years
Date of Birth: 13 May 1986
Country:- United Kingdom.
Net Worth:- Estimated net worth is $100 million.

#5. Henry Cavill

Henry is a British actor known for films like Man of Steel (2013), Batman v Superman (2016), Justice League (2017). He is the newcomer in the list of most handsome man 2020. Because of his popularity, he deserves a spot on this list.
Age- 36 years
Date of Birth: 5 May 1983
Country:- British.
Net Worth:- $25 million.